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Sonic Implants Gigasampler Amps and Pickups CD-Rom

This great CD includes the following:

The Complete Acoustic Guitar 1 
Guitar enthusiasts know the Taylor 810 Acoustic Guitar for its pristine yet warm sound. We sampled this one with the excellent Lawson Tube microphone and it sounds amazing. To top it off we have included more than just single note samples. We’ve also included fret noise, harmonics, up and down strummed chords, and muted chord "chunks". Over 6 megabytes of acoustic realism. Keyboard Layout for Chords click here.

MP3 Demo (419k)

The Complete Acoustic Guitar II- More Chords 
If you've experienced our best selling 'The Complete Acoustic Guitar' then you know what to expect from this follow up bank. The first part of this collection consists of major and minor bar chords, tightly strummed on the same infamous Taylor 810 guitar. Great for upbeat tunes. Part two is a complete set of smoothly strummed dominant 7 chords. Upstrokes, downstrokes and muted chunks are included with both sets of chords. Your midi guitar tracks have never sounded this authentic. Check out the demos and hear for yourself. Keyboard Layout for Chords click here.

MP3 Demo Ensemble (806k)
MP3 Demo Rock (508k)
MP3 Demo Blues (238k)

Les Paul Power Rock Guitar
A heavily distorted but smooth electric guitar for the serious rock musicians. This sample set features a Les Paul Guitar with Tom Anderson Humbucker pickups run through a big, fat 1978 Marshall Amplifier. These sounds are amazingly playable! Includes Lead Tones, Power Chords, Power Mutes, Plucked Harmonics and FX. Listen to the demos and hear for yourself.

MP3 Demo (447k) 

Hi, Folks @ Sonicimplants
Recently, I just bought your Les Paul Power Guitar, and IT IS the MOST REALISTIC guitar soundfont I ever heard!!! It made my Metallica MIDIs sound a lot better and more realistic!
Thanx!!! Luke Liu

Paul Reed Smith Guitar 
Guitarists know the Paul Reed Smith name. It’s synonymous with some of the best sounding (and expensive) electric guitars available. But save your money! We’ve sampled this Hollow Body 2 beauty through a classic Marshall Amp to overdrive your lead lines and distort your chord progressions. Single notes PLUS major and minor downstroke chords, upstroke chords, downstroke muted chords and upstroke muted chords. 

MP3 Demo (702KB)

Vintage Guild Guitar
Our good friend “Bob” collects vintage guitars and vintage guitar amps. Once he gets them fixed up, we’re hot on his trail to sample them. We ran his late 1960’s M65 Guild guitar through a 1960’s Gibson GA-5T Skylark Amp to create a completely unique and very retro guitar sound. Best as a lead guitar, there’s no way this sample won’t add some spice to your solos. Tones PLUS major, minor and dominant chords. 

MP3 Demo (568KB)

Definitive Jazz Guitar 
These first inversion jazz chords add unparalleled realism to any tune. Included are strummed major7, dominant7, minor7, min7b5, and diminished7 chords, all played on a Les Paul Standard through a Fender Twin. All Chords sustain naturally to silence, no loops, which is why the bank utilizes over 5 megs of memory. Also included is the single note version available in Songwriter I, so you can play your own lines over the top. Jazz, funk, fuse… whatever. 

MP3 Demo (273k)

Vintage Rickenbacker 12-String Guitar
For all you Beatles, The Byrds and The Who aficionados, here’s the famous Rickenbacker 12-string electric guitar. This famous guitar sound can be found on many classic songs including the Beatles “A Hard Day's Night”, “Can't Buy Me Love”, “Eight Days A Week”, “Ticket to Ride” and others. Our collection includes single notes as well as Major, minor, Dom7 and sus chords.

MP3 Demo (407k)

Spector Slap Bass
Boston musician Chris Pereira and his fast slapin’ fingers filled all corners of our studio with his gorgeous crimson Spector Bass playing. We modeled this sound after the legendary Marcus Miller bass sound and sure enough, it will knock you into the next room with its punch and clarity. The Spector Bass was recorded using an all tube Ampeg bass pre-amp processor and the bulletproof Manley tube compressor. This multi-velocity soundfont is so unbelievably playable you WON’T be able to stop slapping. So get your bass tracks in record mode, check out our MP3 demo and prepare to be blown away.

MP3 Demo (662k) 

Hard Pick Rock Bass 
After some persistent requests from our Sonic Implants fans, here’s a bass for all you heavy rockers. In the style of Alice In Chains, this bass is heavily picked, heavily amped and heavily played. Hits include both down and up picked tones so you can really dig in and get that hard rock sound. You won’t find this bass anywhere else. Several variations to choose from.

MP3 Demo (355k)

Alembic Bass
Alembic Basses are as beautiful sounding as they are looking. That’s why top bass players such as Michael Manring play them. Processed through an Ampeg SVT bass pre-amp and the Bellari Tube Compressors, this bass is fat, round, yet distinctive in a mix. Articulations include Finger Tones, Picked Tones, Slap/Pull Tones and a collection of slides. 

MP3 Demo (191k)

Fender Basses
Fender Jazz Basses are classics and a must in any bass collection. Processed through an Ampeg SVT bass pre-amp and the Bellari Tube Compressors, these basses are full but distinctive in a mix. Collection includes Fender Jazz Finger Bass and Fender Jazz Fretless Bass. 

Dynamic Acoustic Bass
Warren Senders, Boston bassist and vocalist filled up our studio with his upright bass sonorities. Like Warren himself this bass has some spit and attitude which will definitely liven up your jazz, pop, and fusion tunes. Dual velocity, the soft strikes are clean and warm and the hard strikes punchy and popped.

MP3 Demo (217k)

Hofner Beatle Bass
The classic violin shaped “Beatle Bass”, made famous by Paul McCartney and the Beatles of course. We recorded this highly sought after bass direct into an Ampeg SVT Preamp followed by a smidge of compression from the Manley Variable MU Compressor. The result is a very playable, very useable bass sound you’ll definitely want in your Sonic Implants collection.

MP3 Demo (463KB)

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