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Sonic Implants Sound Libraries

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Our design process:
Sonic Implants doesnít just provide sound libraries, we provide Instrument Libraries. With over 25 years combined experience, including 9 years as senior sound designer for Kurzweil Music Systems, we know how to deliver quality.

All instruments are recorded in state of the art studios with only the best musicians, instruments and recording equipment. And we donít cut corners. All instruments are sampled and programmed with multiple velocity layers (recordings from soft to loud), multiple articulations (different playing styles) and programmed to be as playable as possible. The result? Instruments ranging from the incredibly real to the incredibly surreal. 

Sonic Implants for Gigasampler and Gigastudio are provided in native Gigasampler 1.0 format. They can be read by all versions of both Gigasampler and Gigastudio products. Both CD-ROM and download products are available.

Questions? You can contact us at [email protected]


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