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sample packs monosounds studio

BTW your soundware is excellent! It's up there with ILIO and the other guys. The miking of instruments (drums etc) is very good, but the sounds have CHARACTER too. Your Mellotron for instance is tear-jerking...
Anyway, thanks again...
Mikael C. Sandgren, Composer-Soundelux Showorks

 String Boxes CD-ROM        $69.95  

Stunning strings, vocals, flute and brass samples from the famous Mellotron and Arp String Ensemble.

Today we rely on digital samples and modern synthesizer technology for the culmination of realistic instrument sounds. But before there were microprocessors, there were string boxes. The Mellotron is one of the most well known and easily recognized early legends. Itís signature sound has shown up on hundreds of albums from the Beatles to Beck and has spanned decades of musical changes without ever going out of style. The Arp Solina String Ensemble is a product of the late 70ís. This keyboard has been made famous by Elton John, The Eagles, New Order, and The Cure to name few.

Sonic Implants String Boxes CD-ROM contains a choice selection of sounds from the Mellotron tapes. All 8 seconds of every note is included! (Small memory versions also included.) Three different string recordings from the Mark2, the M200 and the M300 plus the Mixed Choir and of course the infamous Mellotron Flute. The Solina Arp String Ensemble was recorded and programmed to give you every sound and knob variation the instrument is capable of, including of course some of our own variations. Fantastic pads, filter sweeps, FX and leads. You wonít find a better deal on these classic sounds. 

MP3 Demo 1 (Mellotron 446k)
MP3 Demo 2 (Mellotron 486k)
MP3 Demo 1 (Arp String Ensemble 599k)
MP3 Demo 2 (Arp String Ensemble 807k) 

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Just received your String Boxes and Drum Series 1. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING !!!!!!! I threw out most of my other drum kits as they pale in comparison to yours and have already used both CDs in new songs I am working on.

Thank you.Sincerely,
Ron Wasserman

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