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Sonic Implants Sound Libraries

     Gigasampler Electronica Implants

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Fuz909 Groovebox –Download             $17.95
The Roland TR909 Drum box is a milky colored legend. We’ve taken this glorious piece of gear and played it through a tube preamp (for massive gain) but the fuzz comes from an Orban paragraphic EQ driven to the point of smoke (it still works). 6 velocity layers yield smooth edgy tones with a light touch, but play harder and it'll get really nasty. To complete the Fuz909 we’ve included a set of just over 20 multitrack MIDI groove’s. Perfect for mixing, matching, and designing your own loops.

MP3 Demo (72k)
MP3 Demo (109k)
MP3 Demo (74k)

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Electronica 1 Essential–Download             $ 11.95
An essential collection of electronica drums mixed from vintage drum machines, basses, synths and FX. We’ve also included an example MIDI file to show you how to get the most out of these samples, or use it to grab some great new grooves and licks. We mixed these samples extensively together to make sure they perform great in your tunes.

MP3 Demo (535k)

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Electronica 2 Club Taste–Download             $11.95
Heart pounding kicks and ambient snares along with analog bass samples, synths and FX, this collection also includes an example MIDI file so you get the most out these samples. Another small collection programmed together to work great in a mix.

MP3 Demo (367k)

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Electronica 3 Eclectic –Download             $11.95
This eclectic mix of electronica includes ‘drums n bass’ style sounds, interesting filter effect drums, smooth, silky basses, and some synth FX timbres, including a distorted Roland 303. These were designed and mixed so they work right out the box for your tunes. Also included is an example MIDI file.

MP3 Demo (489k)

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Electronica 4 80’s Dance –Download             $11.95
Our fourth electronica collection includes more drums, basses, synths and FX with an 80’s style sound but a current feel. Craft some Devo to Madonna style grooves with this set. Mixed together to work together, we’ve also included an example MIDI file to get you started.

MP3 Demo (306k)

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Noise Pollution - Alternative Percussion Sets – Download      $21.95
Performing artist groups such as Stomp and Blue Man Group have made a career by making music out of virtually any object. This art form blends sounds and pure creative energy into insanely moving rhythm. For this truly alternative percussion set, we walked six local percussionists into a commercial garage and gave them each a location and a set of objects (shovels, sledge hammers, trash cans, ladders, buckets, pipes, etc). As our percussionists banged and experimented with these objects, we experimented with stereo recording techniques to capture this event as naturally and pristinely as possible. The result is a multi-velocity, truly reactive, explosive and addictive tool. Bang on this!

MP3 Demo1 6 Man Groove (279k)
MP3 Demo 2 Bucket Rolls (300k)
MP3 Demo 3 Synthesized (429k) 

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