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Sonic Implants Sound Libraries

Gigasampler Sonic Implants

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Gigasampler Symphonic Strings
Recorded by 2001 Emmy award engineer Antonio Oliart and RIAA award engineer John Bono, designed and produced by Sonic Implants engineers, the Sonic Implants Symphonic String Collection contains the most comprehensive, beautiful, and playable ensemble string sounds available. Rich, multidynamic instruments with resonant string decays intact. Available in both a complete 20 CD-ROM (or 3 DVDs) and a 6 CD-ROM MINI version. Designed for the utmost in expressiveness and realism; a joy to create with. Recorded at Sonic Temple Studios, Roslindale, MA. Please see our dedicated website for more information, demos and purchasing.
Click for More Info-Demos-Purchasing
Gigasampler Guitar and Bass Implants
Finally, some realistic, usable guitar samples. And not just single notes, but chords, power chords, mutes, power mutes, scrapes, FX and harmonics. Everything you need to make your guitar tracks rock! CD-ROM and Downloads available. Click here for demos.
Talkbox Guitar
Gigasampler Drum Implants
Get ready for the drums of your dreams. From the real to the surreal, these drums sound and play amazing. Recorded in famous studios with well known engineers and custom-made drums, we guarantee you will not be disappointed. Free MP3 Demos for all products. Downloads & CD-ROM available. Click here for demos.
Gigasampler World Implants
Some of the coolest music out there blends instruments and styles from all over the world. Whether you're writing music specific to a region or blending it all up in a cool dance, jazz or rock track, these instruments will add tons of spice and uniqueness to your tracks. Go here for the demos.
Gigasampler Keyboard Implants
Hammond B3 Players get psyched! New Sonic Implants Keyboard Implants feature a huge selection of B3 samples and instruments that will get you jammin'. CD-ROM and DOWNLOADS available. This isn't the pristine clean B3 you find in software synths, but rather a B3 with some character, some grit; what a B3 really sounds like after its been played a lot and gigged a lot. Go here for complete MP3 demos.
Gigasampler Percussion Implants
The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth percussion. Spicy Latin Percussion with tons of articulations per instrument. Keymapped for fast music making, these collections will make your drum tracks groove. Downloads and CD-ROM available. Click here for demos.
Gigasampler Vintage Implants
Into Vintage sounds? So are we! Go here for Vintage keyboards, guitars, basses, and more. Great sounds. Great Prices, Free demos. Click here for demos.
Gigasampler Electronica Implants
Electronica and Synth drums, pads, taps and flavors. Unique timbres excellent for dance, house, hiphop, rap, rock and euro styles. MIDI beat files included also! Go here to check it out.

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