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Sonic Implants Sound Libraries

Gigasampler Percussion  Implants

sample packs monosounds studio

Atsiã - West African Dancing Drums CD-ROM     $229.95
From the spiritual beat of Africa comes a sample library unlike any other. Atsiã includes African percussion instruments traditional to the Ewe Tribe of Ghana. The Ewe tribe is located in the Southeastern section of Ghana in the Volta region. Originally the songs and dances of the tribe were performed before war, but in modern times mostly for rituals and dance. "Atsiã", meaning "style" or "to display", is a social dance considered by most to be one of the oldest styles of dance and music in West Africa. It is a collection of songs and dances created by the Ewes, used in rituals and recreation for hundreds of years.
 This unique, incredible collection was recorded at the legendary Blue Jay Studios through an SSL console. Stereo samples, natural ambience, heavily multi sampled with up to 4 velocity samples for each different type of hit. Also includes looped grooves of individual instruments, in both 4/4 and 6/8 time. Over 400 meg of samples! Instruments include:

Bells, Shakers and Snaps:
Finger Snaps
Frogs Eggs
Gankogui Bells
Iron Castanets
Kenken Bell
Toke Bell
Floor Drums:
Nigerian Log Drum


Bass Drums:
Macana Surdu

Talking Drums:

Other Drums:
Piccolo Snare

Frame Drums:

MP3 Demo (322kb)
MP3 Demo (902kb)

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Gigasampler Middle Eastern Sounds

 Silk Road Middle Eastern Instruments CD-ROM   $249.95

Spanning 7000 miles from the Yellow River Valley of Eastern China to the sun-kissed shores of the Mediterranean Sea, the Silk Road is the most prominent and distinguished trade route in the world, having linked the present-day countries of China, India, Iran, Iraq, and Syria for close to 1000 years. Originally established by the Chinese government as a means of trading goods with the Roman Empire, the Silk Road evolved over the centuries to become a symbol of cultural exchange that married the disparate art, music, and religious traditions of the many diverse communities along its path.  Sonic Implants Silk Road CD captures authentic melodic and percussion instruments native to the Middle Eastern leg of this illustrious trade route, performed by Middle Eastern musicians and utilizing methods and techniques innate to centuries of musical tradition. Featuring a vast array of multi-sampled instruments, the CD also includes Percussion Loops and Melodic Improvisations, effective for creating your own music, and for gaining a better understanding of the musical sensibilities inherent to the region. 7 page documentation included.


Melodic Instruments:     Percussion Instruments: More Percussion:
3 Kawals Egyptian Dumbek Egyptian Riqq 1 & 2
3 Nays Clay Dumbek Asian Zill
May Bass Dumbek Indian Zill
Zurna   Low & Hi Tombek  Turkish Zill
Arabic Violin    Low & Hi Udu Drums Sufi Triangle
Bouzuk Sm, Med & Lrg Negata Drums Ankle Bells
Kanuun Copper Darbuka 3 Copper Bowls
Oud 14” Frame Drum Small Tibetan Bowl
Persian Violin   22” Frame Drum Large Tibetan Bowl
Persian Sitar Persian Daff   Moroccan Gargaba
Santur  Bandir Frame Drum Vessel Shakers
Tar Small & Large Bell Shakers

Silk Road Demo (700k)

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Additional Resources for the Silk Road instruments: The following web sites will help you get the most out of the Silk Road CD-ROM. is an excellent web reference for any one who wants to understand the Arabic Maqam (scale system). has a good list of Arabic meters and percussion patterns.


Gigasampler Afro Cuban Sounds Afro Cuban (Latin) Percussion CD-ROM     $99.95

The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth percussion. This is the Latin Percussion collection you've been waiting for. Ambient Stereo AND Close Mic'd Mono versions included to give you complete control over your mix. TONS of articulations (hits) per instrument and up to 4 multi-velocity samples from soft to loud to make you sound like a pro. Collection includes:

Afoxe, Agogo Bells, Ankle Bells, Birimbou, Bongos, Caxixi, Cha Cha Bells, Claves, 3 Congas (Quinto, Secundo, Tumbadora), Cowbell Hi/Mid/Low, Cuica, Finger Snaps, Frogs Eggs, Guiro Cuban, Guiro Meringue, Jam Blocks, Large Basket, Rattle, Maracas, Pandiero, Reco Reco, Repenique, Samba Whistles, Sencero, 3 Surdos (Bambo, Cortador, Macana), Tamborim, Timbales, Timbalitos, Vibraslap

Instruments and playing provided by Joe Galeota of JAG Drums; Recorded at Blue Jay studios in Carlisle, MA. with engineering by Mark Tanzer (NRBQ, Carly Simon, Patty Larkin, Jerry Marotta, Livingston Taylor, Lyle Mays and others).

MP3 Demo (Afro Cuban 845k)
MP3 Demo 1 (Ensemble 627k)

MP3 Demo 2 (Ensemble 432k)
MP3 Demo 3 (Congas 305k)
MP3 Demo 4 (Bells, Shakes & Scrapes 305k)
MP3 Demo 5 (Stick Drums 524k)

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Download Gigasampler Percussion Sounds

Noise Pollution - Alternative Percussion Sets – Download  $21.95
Performing artist groups such as Stomp and Blue Man Group have made a career by making music out of virtually any object. This art form blends sounds and pure creative energy into insanely moving rhythm. For this truly alternative percussion set, we walked six local percussionists into a commercial garage and gave them each a location and a set of objects (shovels, sledge hammers, trash cans, ladders, buckets, pipes, etc). As our percussionists banged and experimented with these objects, we experimented with stereo recording techniques to capture this event as naturally and pristinely as possible. The result is a multi-velocity, truly reactive, explosive and addictive tool. Bang on this!

MP3 Demo1 6 Man Groove (279k)
MP3 Demo 2 Bucket Rolls (300k)
MP3 Demo 3 Synthesized (429k) 

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